What the Benefits of Calcium for our body?

Calcium benefits our body in many ways and it’s the most abundant mineral essential for good health. It not only makes our bones and teeth strong but calcium benefits the body to perform a variety of other functions. Including the blood vessels to move throughout our body, it also aids the release of important hormones and enzymes. 

There are many other benefits provided by calcium like it helps with osteoporosis, rickets, osteomalacia, leg cramps in pregnancy, reduce the risk of colon and rectal cancer. Calcium also benefits people to reduce high fluoride levels and high lead levels. 

Calcium benefits the human body

Healthy bones


Calcium is an essential component behind healthy bones and teeth. Almost 99 per cent of the total body calcium is found in bones and that is why we should consume enough calcium all throughout our lifespan. If not, our body starts to extract it from our bones which can cause diseases like osteoporosis(weak bones). 

Muscle contraction

Calcium helps the protein in the muscles to perform contractions properly. This includes the beating of heart muscles, calcium is released whenever a nerve stimulates a muscle. When the calcium pumps out from the muscles, only then it relaxes again and comes back to its earlier position. 

Blood clotting


Calcium benefits the body in normal blood coagulation. What happens sometimes that the blood flow stops due to clot formation inside the body. Calcium along with vitamin K and fibrinogen, helps the blood to flow again and remove clots from it. In case you lack calcium inside your body, clots will take more time to stop the blood flow, resulting in death. That is one of the important reasons why we should take proper calcium in our diet. 


This disease is caused due to low bone density in the inner body. We know that the major part of calcium is present inside our bones. In case, the amount of calcium decrease from our body due to a bad diet or any reason, the body start to take it from our bones which make our bones weak. If you take calcium along with Vitamin D then it will cure the people better with Osteoporosis.

Calcium reduces symptoms of PMS

As it is proved and said in many studies that the women who take enough amounts of calcium in their diet have a lower risk of PMS. One of the benefits of Calcium is to reduce mood swings, food cravings, pain and bloating

Weight loss


Calcium benefits for those also who want to lose fat. There is much research which suggests that people taking more calcium have less fat than those who take less calcium. Basically, calcium contributes a small increase in thermogenesis, which increases the metabolism of the body and hence the fat starts burning more than before. 


Hypocalcemia is the result low level of calcium present in the blood which can be treated easily by taking calcium orally. It will also treat low levels of calcium inside the body and maintain it according to good health needs. 


This is a parathyroid gland disorder. The calcium benefits you in the way that it reduces the level of parathyroid hormones. Hence it is beneficial for both, those with kidney failure and for those who have a high parathyroid hormone.

Is calcium necessary for all age groups?

Yes, from the time we are born till old age, calcium is very important for our health. The low calcium consumption would be the reason behind low bone density. Although the quantity of calcium consumption may differ according to age the calcium intake is imperative for all age groups. 

For 1 to 8 years old people the calcium absorption should be 700-1000 mg/day, for the age group of 9 to 18 years it should be 1300 mg/day and for 19-70 years, calcium intake should be 1000 mg/day for males and 1300 mg/day for females. 

Sources of calcium


You could acquire calcium from different sources like milk, cheese, spinach, tofu, broccoli, dandelion leaves, beans, seeds, nuts, figs, soy milk, almonds, hazelnuts, etc. But many of us are unaware of the benefits of aking a balanced and proper diet. If you are not getting enough calcium from your routine diet then you can complete it from several calcium-rich supplements or tablets. There are many benefits of calcium tablets like they can be easily absorbed when taken with food. It would be better if you take these tablets in small doses two or three times a day. But, do you think it’s easy to find a suitable one for many brands? No, that is not possible. Every brand says that it will give you the best results. 

You don’t have to waste your time in searching for different calcium products. As Herbalife calcium tablets and supplements have everything that you need to fulfil your calcium requirements. It will provide multifarious health benefits and help obtain stronger bones. 


In a nutshell, there are plenty of calcium benefits for our health. Consuming less calcium from the routine diet cause some harmful diseases like osteoporosis. Calcium tablets benefits in giving your body a required amount of calcium. But, choosing the right supplement is like finding a needle in the haystack. Calcium tablets or supplements are essential to fulfil the calcium demands for your good health. They are easily available online.

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