Herbalife Cell Activator – Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage & Reviews

What do you make of the words Herbalife Cell Activator? Let’s break it down; we all know what cells are. These are the building blocks from where life itself starts. Now, the word activator is of much more importance in this. Activator in simple terms means that something which triggers a function. It is after this activator’s command that a specific task or element starts. So, in this guide about Herbalife’s Cell Activator, we are going to have an in-detail discussion on everything you need to know about it.

39% of men, 40% of women, 1.9 billion individuals, 650 million adults. What do all these numbers mean? Well, for one, they are the figures indicating the incidence of obesity in the world. So, what is being done by all these individuals to lose weight (that is if they want to)? What are they doing to control this new epidemic?

Our answer has dual aspects. One is that the people are decreasing their diet, and the other is that they are playing a game. Or have joined a workout hub. But when these two aspects are done together, the result is weak bones and a sluggish body. The reason is that when you eat less and exercise more, the body is not able to develop itself. And for obvious reasons like you are not getting enough food. Hence whatever you eat is not getting burned adequately, or it is not enough for a healthy body. Absorption of nutrients is the key here. Without the active metabolism of all the nutrients that we take, the overall development of the body is still afar.

What are Micro-nutrients?

The cell activator by Herbalife works on a molecular level to provide the perks of metabolizing the micronutrients that we take through different sources. These are grouped into two popular heads, Vitamins, and Minerals. These small yet essential ingredients are essential to ensure our healthy well being and long life.

Vitamins: The internal sources of vitamins for a human are limited, rather negligible. We depend mostly on external sources of food to obtain the required amount of vitamins every day. A human requires various types of vitamins to perform the essential functions of the body. There are in total of 13 Vitamins that are important for the body. To list them all, they are Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and K. Also we need Biotin, Niacin, Folic Acid, and Pantothenic Acid. Plus there is Provitamin A as well.

Minerals: With Minerals too, we depend on external sources to ensure that we get enough of these important ingredients into the body. Minerals play a role in providing proactive elements to the body and offer various health benefits. Some common minerals are copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, iron, and iodine.

Are they important for the overall development?

Keep one thing in mind before we proceed further. That the Herbalife Cell Activator is a food supplement and it supports certain functions of the body. This is not a medicine or a prescription drug. We are writing this guide only to analyze the factors which will help you decide the proficiency of the Cell activator.

Every mineral or vitamin has its respective function. For instance, Calcium is the building block of the body and is also essential for bones. Vitamin D is a crucial element without which you cannot absorb calcium. Without Vitamin K, you cannot expect to heal a wound faster as it helps with blood clotting. Similarly, these Vitamins perform functions which support life itself.

To answer your question, these elements are indeed important for the body. Although you need them in small quantities, that does not mean that one can live healthy without them. 

Do we compromise our health due to the lack of micro-nutrient absorption?

In this section of the Herbalife Cell Activator guide, we will talk about nutrient bioavailability. This means how much nutrient is available in the body. You need to learn the difference here. Taking nutrients merely is not enough; your body needs to absorb it so that it mixes in the bloodstream before reaching its destination. The science behind this nutrient bioavailability explains how nutrients filter out from the food we eat.

The inability to absorb the nutrients means that you can develop Malabsorption. This is a condition whereby your enzymes and the digestive system and the intestines are not able to extract the nutrients from the food you eat. Malabsorption can lead to the development of various syndromes that relate to their particular nutrients.

The main purpose of the Herbalife Cell Activator is to enhance nutrition. It does so by promoting cellular metabolism by supporting mitochondrial functions, which in turn enhances the nutrient absorption. 

What is Herbalife Cell Activator

Herbalife Cell Activator has the purpose of increasing energy levels in the body at the cellular level. Without healthy cells, we cannot expect to live a healthy life. In the market, you may have heard that this Herbalife product is best used for weight loss. But this is a wrong notion. Rather the cell activator is not a weight loss formula; it is more like a weight controlling formula.  

With an increase in weight, we tend to cut on calories and food intake. However, these calories are essential for a healthy body. Moreover, it is a common practice to resort to over-eating after a short period of dieting. The result is weight gain due to asynchronous eating habits and unhealthy binge eating.

This is where you can use Herbalife Cell Activator. This food supplement will support micronutrient absorption in the body. Due to this, you may get the required amount of nutrients, even after taking a limited amount of food. Most of the Herbalife products work. Similarly, they increase the efficiency of the food we eat. Apart from its enhancing functions, the cell activator of Herbalife also has potent antioxidants, which helps with aging issues.

Herbalife Cell Activator Ingredients

Let’s discuss the ingredients of the Herbalife Cell Activator. We will learn about each of these ingredients in detail.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: This is one of the significant ingredients present in the Cell Activator. Alpha Lipoic Acid or ALA has strong anti-oxidant properties, which help against aging and diabetes and various other conditions. ALA is made inside the body within the mitochondria, which is also called as the powerhouse of the cell. This is where the ALA works to convert food into nutrients before the blood distributes it throughout the body. This acid has dual solubility, meaning it is water and fat-soluble. Anti-oxidants are those elements which help in stabilizing the free radicals and prevent further damage to the body.

Purified Aloe Vera Concentrate: It compensates for the nutrients that you may lose in the process of maintaining your body build. Plus, there are chances that you will lose on the vitamin and minerals count. Hence, the aloe vera concentrate is there to help you obtain all those crucial vitamins and minerals. To enlist a few, Aloe Vera has calcium, copper, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and manganese, etc.

Shiitake Mushroom: Shiitake breed of mushroom is famous as an added supplement in various kinds of medicines. The main reason for its inclusion in Herbalife Cell Activator is because of its immunity-boosting properties. Plus it provides some Vitamin B12 and a few minerals too.

Rhodiola Root Extract: A popular herb Rhodiola is used in the Cell Activator to enhance its cell protective abilities. Other than this, it is beneficial for depression as it reduces stress levels.

Pycnogenol: Pinus pinaster is the birthplace of pycnogenol. This compound comes from the pine bark of the Pinus pinaster tree. Pycnogenol is a versatile compound, and it can help with several conditions and health issues. But to make things more interesting, Pycnogenol is added to Herbalife Cell Activator because it has anti-aging properties.

Resveratrol: Found in items like red wine, grapes, peanuts, and a few berries, resveratrol is a potent anti-oxidant. This is the second type of anti-oxidant present in this Herbalife product.

Benefits & Uses of Herbalife Cell Activator

Coming to the next part of our guide, here we will talk about the fantastic benefits of Herbalife Cell Activator. Although, from the above ingredients, it is apparent that the cell activator has a lot of health benefits.

Boosts Body Energy: The human body is a complex machine, and at the core of this machine are cells. Herbalife Activator by way of supporting the absorption of micro-nutrients at the cellular level. When the cells get better nutrition, they will perform better and live healthily. Ultimately, it is your whole body that can benefit from this rejuvenated power.

Vitality: A robust immune system is the main pre-requisite to build a healthy body. And with this product, you will have a lot of ingredients working to provide immunity benefits. This also means that you will have a great body structure and a healthy internal system. Components like the Shiitake mushroom and the root extract, work in sync to enhance your immunity and cell protection. Hence, this kind of builds a wall around the body cells and limits any attack from viruses and bacteria.

Mitochondria: ALA is produced in the Mitochondria and is one of the significant components of Herbalife Cell Activator. ALA has strong anti-oxidant properties, and it works perfectly in the body. This means that it is a credible agent for anti-aging. Also, it helps in restricting the free-radicals from damaging the cells inside the body. This it does by binding to the free radicals and stabilizing them in the process.

Micronutrient Absorption: Herbalife Cell Activator is endorsed as a nutrient absorption compound. The function is to absorb the essential nutrient from the limited amount of food we eat allows a person to maintain a stable body physique.

Side Effects

The side effects of Herbalife Cell Activator do not comprise of some grave and untreatable conditions. These consist of a few small issues, which are preventable, and their onslaught depends on your usage of the product.

In simple words, you need to use it sparingly and as per the set dosage pattern. Excess of anything is not right, and here we are talking about a food supplement that has several different ingredients present in it. 

The important thing is how you administer it. For instance, ALA, which is present in Herbalife Cell Activator, does not have any side effects. This is subject to the condition that you ingest the tablets as per the dosage pattern. Excessive levels of ALA in the body could cause a reaction and lead to an allergy. Some possible allergies are swollen lips, difficulty in breathing, swell tongue, or throat.

Other than this, all the ingredients present in Herbalife’s cell activator are natural. They are either obtained as a whole or extracted from some parent compound.

Dosage and Storage

On the bottle, you will find written that the Herbalife Cell Activator capsule is to be taken once in two days. You may have read that it has to be taken with every meal. But no, stick to the schedule given on the bottle.

The Food and Drug Administration does not approve any of the Herbalife Products. That is why it does not have a set RDA. Hence, you need to be sure of taking it beforehand and follow the schedule. To confirm its effectiveness, consult your doctor beforehand. This is only a researched note on this product. We do not claim any responsibility that ensures the said results.

As far as the storage is concerned, always keep it in a cool and dark place. Keep the bottle at a spot where there is no direct sunlight, and the area is without moisture. Most importantly, ensure that the bottle cap is sealed at all times.


To end it, we can say that Herbalife Cell Activator has the power to provide quite some juice to live a healthy life. For better results, take it along with other supplements which are a part of the same segment. As per Herbalife, the cell activator is a Formula 3 product, and it works best when taken along with Formula one and two supplements.

Nonetheless, this product supports anti-aging, has potent anti-oxidants, and is an excellent micronutrient absorbent boost. All these benefits are required in our everyday life. Due to the increased exposure to contaminated air and food, we need such additional supplements which support our body growth.

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