Herbalife Calcium Tablets – Ingredients, How to Take, Benefits & Effects

You must have heard fo ‘Herbalife Calcium’ and perhaps even tried the tablets. Whatever your state be, this guide is an attempt to clear the air around Herbalife’s Calcium tablets and to share with you everything we know about calcium.

Did you know that your body will fight off with the bones if it will not get enough calcium from the food you eat? Yes, calcium is imperative for the overall development of your health. Hence, you need enough sources of calcium on a daily basis. Calcium helps you have healthy bones and a healthy body. Hence, Herbalife came up with a solution by which everyone can maintain the required Calcium levels in the body.

Why Herbalife Calcium is so popular?

Herbalife Calcium tablets are being taken by millions of people on a daily basis and they have actually helped people with stronger bones and overall good health. Majority of people taking Herbalife Calcium in India are women. India is a country where women are often diagnosed with low bone density and are recommended calcium tablets by doctors. This is what has made Herbalife Calcium tablets so popular in India.

However, in this guide, we’ll talk about the ingredients of Herbalife calcium tablets, how to take it, the benefits and also the side-effects. But before heading to the product, let’s also go through the conditions due to low calcium levels in the human body. Read on!

Health risks and conditions due to low calcium levels:

Whenever there is mention of Calcium, people always claim that low calcium levels lead to soft and brittle bones. It also leads to deterioration of oral health. But this is not all that deficiency of calcium leads to. There are a lot of other conditions and health issues which are associated with low levels of calcium.

Muscle Problems: At a very acute stage of low levels of calcium a person will develop Hypocalcaemia. But, it has to start somewhere and the first symptom is muscle cramps, aches, and spasms. You may also feel a numb sensation in the hands, legs, and arms.

Fatigue: At some point due to low levels of calcium you may feel like doing nothing at all. This relates to the body’s activity levels. Sleepiness and lethargy are the most common indicators.

Skin Conditions: We have already cleared the air around the white spots myth due to low calcium levels. But there are some effects on nails and skin including dryness, inflammation and broken or brittle nails.

Depression & Stress: There are however some extreme and strange issues that are reported due to the want to more calcium. These include depression, stress and mood disorders. The correlation between calcium and mental health these conditions is still unclear, but there are pieces of evidence to support this fact.

How Herbalife Calcium can help?


Herbalife Calcium is a revolutionary supplement made with all the necessary ingredients required for the overall development of the body. It does not cater to the maintenance of adequate calcium levels in the body, but for many more systems and functions. All these ingredients will aid in maintaining and developing strong bones. While the presence of Vitamin D and Magnesium helps in absorbing calcium. Due to the lower levels of calcium intake from all the other sources, your body can develop internal weakness.

Also, low calcium food intake can lead to Osteoporosis. We will talk about it in detail going further. For now, consider this that Calcium is as much necessary for the body as any other mineral or vitamin that we need. Denying your body a crucial mineral is tantamount to causing grave problems.

But with Herbalife Calcium tablets you can get some help in maintaining sufficient levels of this mineral to the body. Along with this, there are several other health benefits of this supplement. With every single calcium tablet by Herbalife, you are taking up to 400 MG of this essential mineral. And this is more than half of what is required by an adult individual daily.

It is easy to administer, store and also there are no special considerations involved with its usage. Take note that this guide does not correspond to a doctor’s prescription. We are only providing the required information based on the product. If you are facing problems or any other health conditions, please go consult a doctor immediately. Also, the product is only a supplement and does not cure, treat or diagnose any kind of disease or condition.

Ingredients in Herbalife Calcium:

To understand the true value of a product we need to identify and analyze each of its ingredients. So, here too we have listed all the ingredients which are present in Herbalife Calcium Tablets. What follows is a brief discussion of each of these ingredients and how they are helpful for the human body.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a calcium absorbing compound present in our bodies. Without Vitamin D, the calcium that we take would be absorbed into the bones. The result will be rickets (bent bones) in children. While its misshapen bones in the adults, which is a condition called Osteomalacia. Not only this, the Vitamin D Council, which is a non-profit organization working to spread awareness of its importance of Vitamin D. They claim that this essential vitamin is responsible for the protection from an auto-immune disease, pain, depression. Along with this, it can also protect the individual from diseases like Cancer. You can well imagine the importance of Vitamin D from the fact that our body produces Vitamin D after exposure to sunlight.

Magnesium Oxide

From Protein synthesis to energy metabolization, Magnesium is involved in over 600 intra-cellular reactions in the body. Out of all the magnesium combinations present in the body, Magnesium Oxide is has a 60% presence. Overall, we need to Magnesium again to maintain proper health of the bones. And the presence of Magnesium Oxide in best Herbalife Calcium supplement further cements its benefits.

Calcium Carbonate

The Carbonate form of Calcium is indeed important for bone health. But above that, Calcium Carbonate plays a role in the maintenance of the nervous system. It also helps with digestion and hence is often used as an antacid. Remember how sometimes you might have had a feeling of heartburn. In this scenario taking one tablet of Herbalife Calcium might help you get some relief. Although it is safe to take calcium supplements, we always advise consulting your doctor first. Because the doctor has better knowledge about your medical history and will guide you best.

Micro-Crystalline Cellulose

A major impact of low levels of Calcium in your body is weak bones. You know that, but the important thing is that due to weak bones and an increase in weight you get in grave danger. The role of Microcrystalline cellulose in this Herbalife products is to help with weight gain issues. There is a science behind it. This compound which is also called as Wood-Pulp creates a feeling in the brain that the stomach is full. This full stomach sensation will not allow the individual to eat fatty and extra food. Hence, it prevents an individual from gaining excessive due to unsavory eating habits.

Croscarmellose Sodium

The purpose of using this compound in Herbalife Calcium is to help the mineral reach the intestines. This is because almost every part of the body needs Calcium. Hence, Croscarmellose Sodium is added to give result to this task. When talking about Sodium alone, we have the presence of this mineral in the body. The main function of Sodium being an electrolyte is to keep a balance among the body fluids. This balance is also essential to ensure normal muscle functioning. However, in older age, the natural production of Sodium decreases in the body. That is why taking food supplements and other Herbalife products will aid a healthy balance and maintenance of the required levels of Calcium and Sodium in the body.

Stearic Acid

This is a fatty chain acid which is heavily used in skincare products and soaps. The main purpose of stearic acid is to create a cool and calming sensation on the skin. In the calcium tablets, this 18-Carbon Chain fatty acid is used as an emulsifying agent. This means that it assists in resisting two compounds from separating from each other in the body. The literal meaning of Emulsify is “to milk”.

Magnesium Stearate

This compound is a combination of two minerals. Magnesium and Stearic Acid. The only purpose of adding this into the Herbalife Calcium tablets is to smoothen the flow. “The flow” here means the process every tablet has to go through after it is ingested. Not only after ingestion, even during the manufacturing and packing of these tablets Magnesium Stearate ensures that the internal compounds do not stick to each other.

All these compounds and elements present in Herbalife Calcium tablets do have their individual properties. They also have some side-effects. Which, will come later. But the important thing is that they all will work together. And provide comprehensive benefits to the body.

Benefits of using Herbalife Calcium tablets:

We have already discussed the benefits and importance of Calcium for the human body. Here we are going to discuss, how Herbalife Calcium can make a difference.

Bone Strength: Isn’t it obvious. We know that you already have all the information you need regarding bone strength and calcium. But what you do not know is how calcium actually develops and strengthens bones. Have you ever heard of Osteoblasts? These are the cells that are responsible for adding more calcium to the bones. Osteoblasts are also tasked with remodeling. Which refers to the process of replacing old bones with new ones. These osteoblasts are the major drivers of the addition of new calcium cells on the bones.  Further, Osteoblasts are present in the outer layer of the bone. 

This means that for calcium to add more strength to the bone we need osteoblasts. And these osteoblasts are also found in the bones. Hence, this is a cycle running over and over again. That is why we recommend that you always maintain the required levels of calcium in the body. Because it is not only necessary for bone maintenance. It is also essential for various other intravenous processes and functions in the body. And Herbalife Calcium can help you cover for that much-needed Calcium quantities in the body.

Teeth health: Calcium for teeth is important on two fronts. One is that it will ensure strong teeth. And the other is that it will strengthen the jawbones. The reason why we need calcium for strong teeth. With teeth retention, it is that the teeth enamel is that calcium phosphate makes up our teeth’s structure. An irregular calcium diet contributes to tooth decay. Because even if the tooth enamel is the strongest part of the body. It is susceptible to decay. Boston University Dental School and Tufts University Nutrition Research have found that calcium supplementation indeed improves tooth retention.

Muscle Cramps: we have earlier said that calcium is also present in the muscles of your body. Along with calcium you also have potassium in there. The reason for muscle cramps is an imbalance between these two minerals. Muscle cramps are followed by a medium to severe pain and if it continues for a long time. Make sure to go see a doctor first. Herbalife Calcium will ensure that you have enough quantity of calcium in your body. It also has Vitamin D in it to absorb the calcium. Without Vitamin D, no matter the amount of Calcium you take, the cramps will not stop.

Osteoporosis: Calcium is a building block of our bones. Bones need calcium on a regular basis to form the bone matrix and for remodeling. Hence, you need to understand that lower levels of calcium in the body will obstruct this remodeling process. The result will be inefficient bone building. This leads to the development of pores in our bones which is called Osteoporosis. Now you can reckon that why Herbalife calcium is essential to stay away from a condition like osteoporosis. However, this food supplement is not medicine. Or even a prescription drug. You should consult a doctor with regards to your conditions before taking the tablets. According to the survey statistics every 1 in 3 women. And every 1 in 5 men is suffering from Osteoporosis. This begs the question that, are we eating the right food?

Immunity: The way Calcium helps with immunity is by its power to absorb Vitamin C. You see all the minerals and Vitamins we need to have a link to each other. Taking just one of these won’t give results. Vitamin D is necessary for Calcium absorption and Calcium is essential for Vitamin C absorption. And Vitamin C is the main constituent which helps us build immunity against several bacterial and virus attacks. This is similar to a chain link, you break one link the whole chain becomes vulnerable.

Clotting: In a 2013 study conducted at the University of Bristol, the researchers have found that calcium initiates the healing process. This means that when the calcium levels are low in the body. The process to start healing delays to some extent. Hence, once again we reiterate this fact that you need Herbalife Calcium to have an appropriate amount of Calcium levels in the body.

How much Calcium our body needs every day?

  • For children aged between 4 to 18, the RDI is 1300mg. The reason is the same as we have discussed. They need more calcium to build bone mass and density in this age.
  • Starting from the age of 19 years up to 50 years, every male and female needs a minimum 1000mg of calcium every day.
  • For more aged individuals, the requirement is such that the males between 51 to 70 require the same 1000mg. But for females, it increases to 1200mg per day. This is due to the onslaught of menopause.
  • And for both males and females above the age of 71, the requirement is 1200mg per day.

Does it have any side effects?

The Herbalife Calcium tablets per se do not have any side effects. But what can harm an individual is the excessive amount of calcium in the body. This means that when you take more than the required amount of Calcium for your age. It will lead to the development of some issues. For instance, higher levels of Calcium can cause:

  • Constipation
  • Development of Kidney Stones
  • Higher levels of calcium can also disrupt the heart rhythm
  • There are possibilities of drug interactions

Hence, we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking Herbalife Calcium. This is only to ensure that the calcium that you will ingest. It is in sync with the other medicines that you are taking or might take. In a similar study conducted by Robin M. Daly and Peter R. Ebeling. It was concluded excessive use of calcium supplements led to a 30% increase in the incidence of Myocardial infarction. We can conclude that although there are side effects of these supplements. These are not due to the tablets itself. But the main reason is overuse by the user and thus the Herbalife products are best to use in a set routine and with control.

Dosage patterns of Herbalife Calcium:

A single tablet of Herbalife Calcium contains 0.40 grams of Calcium. This means that you can take one tablet per day. Taking more than this may lead to an excessive amount of calcium in the body. Hence, we strongly advise against taking more than one tablet a day. The reason is that there are other sources of Calcium too. And an average daily diet also contributes to the build-up of Calcium in the human body.


According to the instructions on the bottle, you must store it in a cool and dry place. Also, close the lid when not in use. There are two aspects that come out of this. One is that these tablets are susceptible to heat. The other is that they do not connect well with moisture. The reason is that the Vitamins and Minerals deteriorate rapidly in their potency when we expose them to such unwanted conditions.

Other sources of Calcium:

There are plenty of Calcium rich food sources with our Mother Nature apart from supplements like Herbalife Calcium. Out of all of them, Tofu and Parmesan cheese are the richest sources of Calcium. Along with them, there are poppy seeds, beans, Sardines, and Canned Salmon, Almonds, Whey Protein, and Fortified Foods. All these sources can provide you with the required amount of calcium. But the quantity and quality also matter a lot.


The bottom line is that Calcium as a mineral is necessary for our survival. There is no doubt in that. But, more important is from where are we acquiring this one of the most abundant and critical minerals. The food we eat does not provide enough of it. As it has been concluded by scientific researches and studies. So, we are left with other options like Herbalife Calcium supplements. These supplements ensure that we are getting the required amount of calcium for our bodies.

Not only this, Herbalife Nutrition supplements provides various other minerals which are imperative for the overall development of the body. They truly represent an all-rounder approach when it comes to providing health benefits to the individuals. But take caution. These food supplements are only an extra diet. Do not consider them as medicines and prescription drugs as they might aid in healing but can’t cure them completely.

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