Herbalife Calcium For Weight Loss, Is It Effective?

Calcium for weight loss, did you ever heard that before? Many believe that “dieting equals weight loss” but little do they know, what other essential things they are losing from their body, apart from weight. When we take an improper diet, our body becomes weak due to lack of calcium, fibre, vitamin A, potassium, iron, Vitamin D and folic acid. Consequently, we may suffer from reduced muscular strength and endurance, loss of coordination, dehydration, slower heart rates, and a lot more. However, among all the nutrients, the most important is Calcium, which must be adequately balanced. Let’s know why. 

We all know that calcium makes our bones and teeth healthy. Apart from that, it also allows proper functioning of blood circulation, heart, muscles and nerves. You may thus also suffer from high blood pressure just because of low calcium intake. But, because of so-called dieting, we consume less amount of calcium, which results in bone loss. This happens due to the lack of calcium in food, which makes the body meet its calcium demand from the bones and teeth. 

Calcium for weight loss, does it work?


A research proved that calcium is one of the main components that help in weight decline. But, once we start dieting, a large amount of calcium decreases from our body. Hence, we have to find a way for a consistent supply of calcium to our body. And one way to ensure that is to take calcium-rich tablets. 

One such brilliant product available in the market is Herbalife calcium for weight loss tablets. These calcium tablets are rich in magnesium and vitamin D, and both of them are important for calcium absorption. So, from now on, you don’t need to worry about losing calcium during your weight lowering regimen as calcium for weight loss tablets are there for you. 

Can Calcium amplify weight loss?

Yes, it is proved that calcium amplifies weight loss. There are several tests conducted both on men and mice to find out whether calcium’s effect on weight loss and the results were positive. The PhD director of the Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Michael Zemel has performed a test and proved the same. As per him more the calcium stored in a fat cell, the more fat will burn, and hence more quickly the weight will drop. 

Mouse example: In this research, Zemel used mice that were uniquely grown to be overweight. For six months, he served the mice with fat and sugar-rich diet, resulting in a 27% increase in body fat. He then divided mice into two groups and put both groups on a restricted-calorie diet. For one group he provided calcium which really made a fantastic difference. The one that didn’t receive any calcium had a weight loss of 8%, but the other group had a 42% reduction in body fat. 



The purpose of weight reduction is to burn body fat and the same can be done by calcium. Calcium contributes to a small increase in thermogenesis (core temperature of the body). Hence, the metabolism of the body increases, which in turn burns body fat. But, from years we are losing weight in the wrong way which causes dehydration, weak bones, low decision ability, etc. One of the best solutions in this direction is to lose weight is to take Herbalife weight loss tablets. 


In a nutshell, tablets of calcium for weight loss are one of the best choices if you want to lose your fat. These tablets are calcium-rich, which increases the core temperature of your body and helps in losing fat in very less time. Since 1980, Herbalife is in the market, and that is one of the reasons why you should trust Herbalife. Since then, they are providing us with the best they can.

Herbalife provides calcium tablets for weight loss, which helps your body to sustain strong bones besides makes your heart, nerves, and muscles function correctly. One pill and many benefits try today, and you will find many reasons to use calcium for weight reduction. 

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