Calcium Tablets for Kids – Importance, Dosage & Health Benefits

Do you know the benefits of Calcium tablets for kids? It might surprise you, but these are essential to supplement their daily growth requirements. In fact, the best time to develop strong bones that last a lifetime is during childhood and teenage. Calcium helps kids in building strong bones, teeth, and muscles. Furthermore, It performs a vital role for proper heart, nerves and body functioning.

Mothers need to pay extra attention to their little one’s diet, as young kids need calcium to guard against diseases like rickets. Not only that, to avoid slow or delayed growth, calcium is important as the bone is often referred to as calcium ‘storehouse’. Need I say, to protect against bone loss or osteoporosis later in life now is the right time to grow healthy bones. Avoid bow legs, weak muscles, osteoporosis and more, by ensuring that your kids get necessary nutrients.

What is the right proportion of calcium for kids?


Wondering how to fit your kids into the right diet plan? Well, this depends upon their age, sex, size and even activity level. Moreover, if you have a cute little one that seems to be active and never gets tired, ensure she is getting the proper amount of calcium in her food. The recommended calcium daily intake is written below. However, note that this includes both food intake and calcium tablets for your kids.


For babies below 6 months, 200 mg per day is required

6 to12 months old need 260 mg per day


1 to 3 years old kids need 700 mg per day

4 to 8 years old kids need 1,000 mg per day

Preteens and Teenage years

At this stage, more calcium is important for kids in order to maintain stronger bones.

For age 9 to 13 years, 1,300 mg daily intake of calcium is essential.

Also, 14 to 18 years teens need 1,300 mg in a day

How to ensure that a Kid gets the right amount of Calcium?


Chances are your child is not getting the requisite amount of calcium. According to the Australian National Nutrition Survey, 95 per cent of girls and 83 per cent of boys are not meeting the average daily calcium requirements. However, this is not surprising as children prefer caffeinated drinks over milk. Also, if you have kids that are quite picky with food, they stand at a risk of calcium deficiency. It is quite difficult to get the necessary calcium intake as most kids struggle with eating a variety of foods daily. 

Also, if your kid is lactose intolerant or allergic to milk or practising a vegan diet, you might be short on calcium intake. Although various calcium-rich foods are good sources of this nutrient, your children still might not be getting enough. For a great start, you can add Dinoshake, a powder made by Herbalife for kids to their daily servings. It contains calcium, milk and other minerals needed for proper growth. 


Kids are in their formative years and they need to grow to the full potential. Therefore, at this stage, calcium for kids is crucial for healthy living not only for now but also for later years. Necessary nutrients help to fight diseases like bone deformation, stunted growth, tooth decay, kidney diseases, and the list is endless. However, if you notice your tot is not taking sufficient calcium, consider incorporating calcium tablets for kids in their daily intake.

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