Calcium For Men, Is It Really Necessary?

Calcium for men? Is it essential? Yes, men need to consume the proper amount of calcium for optimal bone health. In today’s era, men don’t get enough time to focus on their physical health. They eat whatever edible they come across. Most of them don’t prefer exercising or take proper calories. With age, the volume of calcium in the body decreases, which may become the reason for weak bones. What men should do is start taking proper calcium in their daily diet. This will save them from many harmful diseases like osteoporosis.

For men, calcium can be taken in multiple ways. Either you can consume it from a daily diet or with the help of calcium supplements or tablets. The calcium tablets fulfil the need of calcium for men required by their body. Not only for bones but calcium is also essential for muscle contraction and release of hormones transmitting from nerves.


How Calcium helps men for a healthy body?

Every one of us is so busy in their life that we don’t even have time to take food properly. From day to night, we eat meals without caring about whether it fulfils our body’s requirement or not. And that is one reason, why we all are getting old at a very young stage of life.

For healthy bones, calcium for men is essential. About 99 per cent of the calcium is stored in bones and teeth of a human body. Calcium for men performs a variety of crucial functions in the body like sending nerve signals, release hormones, regulate blood vessels, etc. A men’s body needs 1000MG of calcium per day. In case you do not take the required amount of calcium, your body starts to get it from your bones, which causes osteoporosis. 


Osteoporosis is a silent disease which is due to lack of bone mass, resulting in, fractures or bone injuries. Sometimes, it may also cause a severe health risk. The people who suffer from this harmful disease cannot overcome from a fall, which might even turn fatal. This disease is somewhat preventable if you start taking the required amount of calcium in the routine diet. The primary source to make the calcium for men is from green leafy vegetables, dairy products, tofu, fish, calcium-fortified foods, garlic, etc. 

Beyond the importance of calcium for men, vitamin D and magnesium is also very important. Let’s find how.

Importance of magnesium: A men’s body needs to take 400-420 mg of magnesium per day. It helps to absorb calcium to your body and help prevent osteoporosis. You can take magnesium from nuts, seafood, whole grains, broccoli, summer squash, turnip, mustard greens, oranges, cucumbers, celery, etc. Magnesium builds and strengthens your bones. 

Importance of Vitamin D: Vitamin D helps to absorb and regulate calcium in blood vessels. You can fulfil the need of vitamin D from sunlight, milk, eggs, cheese, fish, butter, etc. 


If you are unable to take the proper quantity of calcium from your routine diet, then don’t worry. There are many calcium supplements and calcium tablets for men available in the market which will meet your need. But isn’t it hard to find the best calcium tablets for men as the markets are full of such supplements? The key is to get the right nutrients from one product and Herbalife calcium tablets and supplements are the best bet. Its has all that’s required by the body for healthy bones and teeth.

Do Calcium supplements pose a risk to men’s health?

There are some studies which recommend that maybe taking calcium supplements pretend a danger to men’s health. However, the evidence is not clear. 

  • Risk of heart diseases: In many research studies, it is mentioned that calcium supplements for men cause a risk of heart attack and heart stroke. But, if you take Vitamin D as well, it will neutralise the effect of heart disease to some extent.  


  • Prostate cancer: This is again very conflicting, as some observational studies recommend that taking calcium tablets for men increases the risk of prostate cancer. However, another research, in which calcium additions were given to 672 men continuously for four years gave positive results. 

For the above two points, all the links are unclear, both the statements contradict each other. But, it can be said that an excessive amount of anything is not suitable for health and the same goes for the calcium.


Bones are significant for the human body. If they become weak, then you will have to depend on others for even daily chores. And the vital source to make them healthy is calcium. Yes, it’s hard to take calcium for men from the routine diet, but on the other hand, we can’t ignore its requirement. Calcium supplements for men are an easy way out to let your bones get an adequate dose of nutrition. So, try one soon and see the results for yourself.

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