CALCIUM FOR BONES: Benefits & Deficiency Side Effects.

It is a fact that taking enough Calcium for bones development and growth is essential. Doesn’t everybody already know that bones are the storehouse of calcium? It is vital for strong bones and the overall growth of the body. In case you are wondering about the other benefits of the intake of calcium for your bones. For one, it does not only helps in supporting the bones but also helps maintain a steady heartbeat and reducing stress. Also, it allows the nerves, the cells to perform their functions as required and it also aids in blood clotting. In fact, dietary and supplementary calcium is required for human survival. Inadequate intake of calcium can lead to severe bone damage if ignored. This article is just to remind you of the importance of calcium for comprehensive bone development and its importance in the overall development of the body.

This mineral helps in the smooth functioning of the body. In fact, over 99 percent of calcium can be found in the bones and teeth. Note that the body does not just produce calcium on its own. It comes from your food intake and other sources. Especially a dietary supplement of Calcium meant for the bones.

How exactly can calcium help in the strengthening of bones?


It is important to know that the body needs sufficient calcium at all stages of life, especially during childhood. It will help in making the bones strong during the development years. While during adulthood, an insufficient amount of calcium leads to the bones getting weak, brittle, easily fractured even without a fall. An uncomplicated and effective way of increasing your calcium intake for bones development is through dietary supplements. These supplements are engineered to provide additional support and maintenance abilities to the body. Not only are they formulated for people across different age groups, but also help in the overall maintenance of their bone health

Do you know that your body needs adequate vitamin D and magnesium for it to absorb calcium for bones and body growth? Well, without sufficient vitamin D, your calcium intake might just be a waste. Herbalife calcium not only contains nutrients for stronger bones, but it is also fortified with vitamin D that ensures the optimum absorption of calcium in the body. Also, this dietary supplement contains Magnesium, another important nutrient needed in building the bones. Thereby, reducing both the risk of fractures and ensuring stronger bones.

How does calcium help in bone maintenance?

Calcium is integrated into the bones during the early stages of life. The bone structures require enough of this to provide mobility and support. Not only that, but it also helps in body protection. Insufficient intake of this calcium might lead to severe health issues. Once the bone mass is not enough, the bones become vulnerable and may develop some issues. Fortunately, taking a supplement to provide calcium for bones can help you obtain healthy living and ageing.

Effects of Deficiency of calcium.


As the bones undergo a process of remodelling i.e the formation of new bones and the removal of old ones, Calcium is important during this process. Insufficient consumption of calcium might hamper the functioning of the body and might cause severe damage. Additional calcium for bones serves as an important supplement for an inadequate amount of calcium.

  • Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a bone disease that occurs as a result of low bone mass. It can lead to fractures or weak bones as the bones have lost their strength and density.
  • Chronic joint and muscle pain: As calcium is vital for bones and joint functioning, a deficiency leads to chronic pains at the joints and muscle cramps.
  • Body pain: Pains, tenderness, tingling, cramps or even fractures on either on the neck, bones or back are all associated with this mineral deficiency in the body.
  • Postures problem: The bone mass is low, and the body is weak, deficiency of calcium especially in an adult can lead to a humped posture.
  • Loss of weight and reduced height: low intake of calcium needed for the bones development might lead to a decline in heights or stunted growth in children.


In summary, you must have heard that calcium aids in the development and maintenance of bones at every stage of life. It is important to know that you might not get the required calcium from your diet. That is why dietary supplements also have a place in body functioning. Also, if you notice any of these effects or symptoms, seek medical attention without delay. These symptoms mean that you are not taking enough amount of calcium for bones.

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